His travelers Happy Traveller have explored spectacular Vietnam from end to end. After five episodes it’s time for the sixth and final episode in the Southeast Asian country. On Saturday, April 29, Mr Euthychis and Electra complete their sensational trip to Vietnam by exploring the capital city of Hanoi.

They visit the most important sights such as the imperial palace with its underground shelters from the Vietnam War and see historical monuments such as the mausoleum of Hon Chi Minh and the home of the great leader of Vietnam. They tour the many beautiful parks with lakes and temples and learn about the legends associated with the city. They walk through the old neighborhood with its markets and picturesque houses, but also through the French Quarter with its aristocratic buildings and the imposing Hanoi Opera House.

They go to the most famous show of the city, the water puppet theater with roots going back 1000 years and take an evening walk in the center, where some streets are inaccessible to the crowds. They are on the famous street with the railway tracks as a train passes by and get on a traditional bicycle taxi to see another perspective of such an interesting capital. Finally, they try the city’s most popular recipes and realize once again why Vietnam is a paradise for Asian street food lovers.

Happy Traveller

An exciting trip to Vietnam is completed in the best way: visiting the country’s capital, where our travelers pack the most beautiful travel experiences into their return suitcase.

Happy Traveller

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