THE Roger Taylor of Queen responded to rumors that Rufus’ son is joining the Foo Fighters as their new drummer.

THE Rufus Taylormember of “The Darkness”, christened by the late Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins, appeared on stage with the Foos at last year’s memorial concerts in London and Los Angeles.

He was one of the numerous guest drummers who played at the concerts with Dave Grohl and co, and appeared on stage with Travis Barker, Nady Bussell and Hawkins’ teenage son, Shane.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 2, Roger Taylor was asked if there was any truth to the rumors that his son could be joining the band. “Well, Rufus is amazing,” he replied.

“He’s turned into this scary, great drummer with The Darkness […] My son is just annoyingly loud and has gotten really, really good. I can’t say more!” said the Queen member.

Asked if Rufus could be on stage with the Foos in 2023, Taylor explained: “Well, he’s playing great with them. He knows all their songs, he knows them all very well. He played ‘Best of You’ with the Foos, and was amazing in London and LA. What exactly is happening now, I don’t know.”