Princess Diana sent two joke cards about oral sex to the King of Greece


Despite being a little shy, especially in public due to her position in the royal family, Princess Diana was a woman of good humor. This is what people who lived with the mother of Princes William and Harry, who died in a car accident in 1997, said.

This personality trait was also revealed in two cards she sent to Constantine II, the last king of Greece and Prince William’s godfather. The two families were very close.

The correspondences are part of another lot of Diana’s personal effects that are being auctioned this Wednesday (17) by the Dominic Winter auction house, in London. The first card features a drawing of a woman receiving oral sex on the cover with the message “What is the definition of a perfect man?”. Inside, it says, “A dwarf with a 10-inch tongue that can breathe through its ears.”

The second says: “Adam came first” on the cover and, inside, it says: “It’s what men always do!”. In English, the word “cam” has two meanings: of “come” and of “come”, so the message can also be read as “Adam ‘comes’ first”.

The value of the items belonging to the ex-wife of King Charles III could reach £5,000, approximately R$30,000, according to an estimate by the auction house, which does not know the reason for sending the cards. “Diana must have seen cards and remembered Tino before buying and sending them, possibly inspired by a conversation they had at a social gathering. They were friends,” reads the auction ad.

In February, a collection of 32 intimate letters from Princess Diana was sold for US$ 169,663, this Thursday (18). The correspondence, written on Kensington Palace letterhead with Diana’s royal cipher, was sent by the ex-wife of King Charles III to a couple of friends Susie and Tarek Kassem.

In color photo, two gift cards

Princess Diana cards put up for auction – reproduction

Source: Folha

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