Felipe Becari confirms the value of Carla Diaz’s engagement ring and says that the couple has been threatened


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Federal deputy Felipe Becari (União-SP) confirmed the amount he paid for the engagement ring given to Carla Diaz. In conversation with F5, the actress’ fiancé says he paid R$ 38,450 for the Tiffany&Co brand alliance. and reinforces that she is contributing to the investigation. This Monday (16), an inquiry was opened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate an anonymous complaint against the couple regarding the ring and the engagement trip, in November last year, in Italy.

“I’m extremely comfortable and we’ve been collaborating with Justiça since the beginning”, tells Becari to F5. “There are several things happening for a long time, there are death threats, persecutions of the most diverse. I, Felipe, am processing more than 30 people, already identified through IPs, we are convinced that we will have news in the coming weeks.”

Becari’s expectation is that the process will be archived soon. “We want to move on with our lives in peace as we always have,” he adds.

Regarding the ring, which was cited by the couple as one of the reasons for the anonymous complaint, Becari confirms that he sent the invoice to the court. The press office and he himself confirm that it is a Tiffany&Co wedding band with a platinum band with diamonds in a rail setting. On the website, the model with 0.5 carat weight starts at R$ 37,600. “It is this model, yes, and I sent the invoice and the indicated model, because it is the object of the inquiry. It was R$ 38,450, because it had interest”, says Becari.

About the engagement trip, which is also part of the investigation, the deputy guarantees that everything was paid for with the help of partnerships obtained by the actress. “The trip is practically free of charge, 90% of which are partnerships and we have emails proving agreements with hotels and places, in exchange for posts. Everything is documented. And we work: Carla does advertising, I am a deputy, we work”, details he.

This Monday, Becari and Carla Diaz published official notes on their profiles informing that they are being investigated by the Public Ministry, after anonymous complaints. “There is an ongoing civil inquiry that runs under secrecy, confirmed the MP, in a note to F5.

Carla Diaz's ring on the Tiffany&Co website

Carla Diaz’s ring on the Tiffany&Co website – reproduction

Source: Folha

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