Linn da Quebrada refutes ex-sister’s accusations about having become a ‘star’ and no longer talking to ‘poor people’


Linn da Quebrada did not like being exposed by former BBB 22 confinement colleague, Natália Deodato, in Record’s new reality show, A Grande Conquista. The model told the other participants that she no longer has contact and even said that the actress and singer “had become a star” after the Globo program.

“We have a message group: me, her, Naiara Azevedo and Jessi (Jessilane Alves) and she doesn’t interact. She doesn’t talk to the poor anymore. causing surprise in the confined. Linn found out about the episode and spoke on Twitter early this Tuesday (16).

She rejected her former colleague from Big Brother Brasil and pointed out three reasons. “The first is that I lost my cell phone and have another number,” Linn began. She continued to defend herself. “I don’t like zap groups. I get anxious with the feeling of always having a demand to fulfill. I have work groups that already demand a lot of energy and it’s not elitism. It’s my way of preserving mental health.”

Even with the explanation, Linn da Quebrada became the target of much criticism on the networks and then she returned to defend herself, justifying that the “friendship” with Natália was never peaceful. “It seems kind of incoherent to me to rely on the justification that I don’t talk to her because I’m poor. Our “friendship” at home was very troubled and it’s moving forward. , commented.

Source: Folha

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