Anitta says that she ‘almost died’ last year and that she spent 10 months without having anyone: ‘Spiritual cleansing’


The singer Anitta spoke about her current state of mind and career, in an interview with the podcast “Quem Pode, Pod”, commanded by Giovanna Ewbank and Fernanda Paes Leme, this Tuesday (16). In the nearly two-hour interview, the pop artist revealed that she went through a “spiritual cleansing” and that she is very sensitive about her career and movements.

In the first half hour, Anitta said that she participated in a self-knowledge therapeutic session and that she even made a gestational map. This process of isolation and reflection caused many changes in her life, especially in relation to novels.

“I’m interested in souls. Before going there, I felt that I was relating to a person who was going to put me in the cycle of liking, getting sick of, because he did this and that. There was a pattern of someone who was going to cause something ‘x’ in my life. Now the repetition is over. I spent 10 months without getting caught, without having anything more. It’s a spiritual ‘cleaning’, I changed that pattern a lot”, she said.

In another part of the conversation, Anitta recalled the extensive schedule of the last few months and that she “almost died”. According to her, the hospital care was extreme at the end of the tour in Europe. “I almost died. The show in Portugal had a drip in my vein. It was dripping, then I went on stage and took it out. Then I went back to dripping. I was almost dying, fainting. That was because it was the last one on the tour, I had done two months of the show, my body didn’t answer for me”, he recalls.

Finally, a third point caught the attention of the presenters: Anitta’s ability to make predictions. She points out that she is “tired” of talking about airports and planes. “Once, when I got on the aircraft, I asked the stewardess if there was a chance of it breaking in the air, already feeling something. She said no. When we saw it, they had to go back to the airport. ‘It was you’, the stewardess told me”, recalls the singer, who also stopped flying and going to certain places just because she felt it would not be a good decision.

For the future, Anitta also said that she has three new clips recorded and that she will release an album with her new label. “The crowd will be shocked by the sound”, she promises.

Source: Folha

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