Adriane Galisteu reacts to her ex-husband’s criticism of her being ‘zero patricinha’: ‘Jeez’


Roberto Justus’ interview took place some time ago, but it was only this Thursday (18) that Adriane Galisteu became aware of the criticisms of her ex-husband, with whom she was married for eight months 25 years ago. The presenter and manager openly complained that during the relationship, she was “zero preppy, wore thrift store clothes and smoked”.

Upon hearing the news, Galisteu took Justus’ comments naturally and joked in the celebrity profile publication on Instagram. “Jeez! lol,” she wrote. In a recent interview, the presenter of “A Fazenda”, on Record, acknowledged that at the time she had a relationship with Justos, both were “immature”. He agreed during a chat with host Luciana Gimenez on the “Bagaceira Chique” podcast.

Currently married to influencer Ana Paula Siebert (eight years old), Justus believes that opposites do not attract. ” Paula and I are very similar. She is very preppy, and I, Mauricinho. We both like to get ready and keep the house perfect. “This is very cool for you not to have friction”, explained the presenter implying that Galisteu’s behavior weighed on the separation.

Roberto then went back to talking about the wedding with Galisteu. “Dri liked to have dinner at two o’clock in the morning, I have dinner at eight o’clock at night. I’m all straight, I like the straight things, she’s all out… I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, but she’s all laid back with things,” he concluded.

Adriane Galisteu has been married to businessman Alexandre Iodice for 10 years.

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Post by Adriane Galisteu – Playback/Instagram

Adriane Galisteu and Roberto Justus were married for eight months between 1998 and 1999 – Ana Ottoni/Folhapress

Source: Folha

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