Only love… Jeff Bezos seems to love her a lot Lorin Sanchez, so much so, that he probably put his partner’s effigy on his half billion dollar super yacht!

The wooden figure of Lauryn Sanchez, partner of the Amazon co-founder and third richest man in the world, was crafted and placed on the bow of the ship, as they used to do on boats, with the facial likeness uncanny as TMZ reveals. Xoana were placed on the bow of ships for good luck.

The wooden figure on the huge 127 meter boat bears a striking resemblance to Sanchez. The luxury yacht is named ‘Koru’, Koru in Maori means loop, which is often found on silver necklaces, symbolizing new beginnings. It seems the symbol means a lot to the couple, who have been dating since 2019, as Bezos has previously shared photos of Koro on his Instagram.