Josh Freeze a new drummer has been announced Foo Fighters following the death of Taylor Hawkins last year. The news was announced yesterday during the ‘Foo Fighters: Preparing Music for Concerts’ live stream which was a preview of the group’s 11th album, ‘But Here We Are’. Josh Freeze is an American drummer, son of tuba soloist Stan Freeze and older brother of musician Jason Freeze.

The 50-year-old musician has previously played drums for Guns N’ Roses, Sting, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer and Sublime with Rome.

Josh Friese also appeared with the Foo Fighters at the band’s late drummer Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts in 2022 and is now set to join the band as his replacement on this year’s tour.

Last week, Foo Fighters revealed that they are dedicating their new album “But Here We Are” to Hawkins and the mother of group leader Dave Grohl, Virginia.

The album, which is due out on June 2, will be the band’s first since Hawkins’ death.

Hawkins died in a hotel in Colombia as part of the rock group’s South American tour. According to the results of the toxicology tests, he had consumed opiates and antidepressants.