Daughter of André Gonçalves announces exchange amid the fight over pension


to model Valentina Benini, 18, daughter of actor André Gonçalves, 46 with journalist Cynthia Benini, plans to do an exchange program in Spain. This Thursday (13), she shared photos of the country on Instagram stories and tagged an exchange company.

Valentina, who lives with her mother in Santa Catarina, shared a sequence of ten photos with numbers indicating that she is counting down to travel. “I’m dying to share this experience with you,” she wrote.

Before that, Maria Manuela Seiblitz, 22, the result of his relationship with actress Tereza Seiblitz, 57, used social media to make a long rant about the absence of her father during her development.

Throughout the text, she does not mention the name of her father, who charges in court the late payment of his alimony. “I’m 22 years old. I was born on February 13, 1999, Carnival Saturday. My mother put me in the world, the other was late for delivery and didn’t see me arrive”, he wrote.

“I learned to read, write and do math without him,” he said. “I had my first scrape on my knee without him. Every school and theater performance without him. My first medal in swimming. Christmas, New Year’s, birthday parties without him.”

“My first low grade,” he continued. “I learned to draw, sing and play ball without him. I learned to cook without him. I learned to wash clothes, clean and shop without him. I learned to ride a bike without him. I learned to eat, shower and brush my teeth without him. I went to all the doctors without him. I went to sleep without him.”

“And there’s nothing he can teach me about how to love my future children,” he lamented. “To the parents of the world, there’s always time. As long as you’re alive, there’s time. Don’t miss the giant opportunity to meet your children.”

Valentina, Manuela’s sister, commented on the publication: “I love you so much”. Other famous actresses also wrote in support, such as Letícia Sabatella, André Marques’ ex-girlfriend. “I love you, Manu! You were always the light of your family”, wrote Letícia.

The publications were made in the midst of the legal dispute that the actor faces over the delay in the payment of alimony to his daughters Valentina and Maria Manuela.

Valentina’s mother files a lawsuit for her daughter against André Gonçalves for non-payment of alimony. The lawsuit filed by Manuela is being processed in secrecy by the 4th Family Court in Rio de Janeiro and is awaiting the judge’s decision.

Gonçalves’ lawyer, Sylvio Guerra, recently told F5 who does not believe that the new arrest warrant will go ahead. “This arrest request will not succeed, as he is already under house arrest, despite not yet having received the electronic anklet or the warrant. But the arrest has already been decreed for Valentina’s other process”, he comments.

On the 23rd of November, The actor had house arrest decreed by the Justice of Santa Catarina in a lawsuit filed by actress and journalist Cynthia Benini, also his ex-wife, with whom he had another daughter, Valentina. The sentence determines that Gonçalves is monitored by an electronic anklet and is under house arrest for a period of 60 days. “He will abide by that decision,” the lawyer said.

The actor’s debt for non-payment of the pension is R$ 352 thousand. He had been in default since 2017. According to Guerra, Gonçalves always fulfilled his commitments to Valentina and her other two children (he is still the father of Pedro Arthur with Myrian Rios) during the long period he was hired by Globo — the discount was made in payroll.

But since 2016, when he was fired from the broadcaster and became unemployed, he was no longer able to pay the full amount of the pension. “And it was accumulating. [No período] He did some plays, he did the Dance of the Famous, and all that, he deposited for his children. But he couldn’t pay the full amount of the pension, but he never failed to deposit something”, he justified. The lawyer added that they will try to settle the debt.


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