In a highly episodic immunity match marked by incident between Takis Karakounias and Nikos Bartzis leading to the former’s injury, the Reds emerged victorious and started the new week of Survivor All Star strong.

Apart from the tragic event, the match was a derby throughout, with both teams appearing quite competitive. The Reds won the first match, the Blues responded in the second, resulting in a play-off match in which the former prevailed 3-0.

In addition to securing first immunity, the Reds had another prize: a catamaran ride in the Caribbean Sea. The players ate, danced, sunbathed and swam, in a day they will never forget (especially for Konstantinos Vassalos who… couldn’t wait to “go bananas”).

Amid the great tension caused in the Island Council, the Blues were led to the ballot box in order to nominate the first candidate to leave. The two girls (Stella and Stavroula) enjoyed protection, so only the boys could vote.

The result of the ballot made Spyros Martikas the first candidate for the week. In fact, this was the 12th time this year (and 24th overall) that the Blues player is in this dangerous position and is being judged by the television audience.