Dani Calabresa says she considered quitting her career so as not to be associated with Marcius Melhem


Dani Calabresa gave an interview to the podcast Quem Pode, Pod this Tuesday (23) and, in the episode, the comedian spoke about the case of alleged sexual harassment that moves against Marcius Melhem, former director of Globo’s humor nucleus. The actress stated that she considered quitting her career because of this issue.

“Sometimes you don’t have the condition to deal with that at that moment. I just wanted to leave, I would give up my career. It’s embarrassing to say that today, and I’m glad I didn’t. But I just wanted to leave, I didn’t want to buy this fight, I don’t want this subject to be part of my life, I don’t want people to put my name on Google and me to be tagged next to the name of that person who is not part of my life and [com quem] I never had anything,” he said.

wanted by F5Globo informed in a note that “it does not comment on issues related to Compliance [departamento que recebe denúncias de funcionários]” and that “all information about the case has already been provided to the authorities.”

In an interview given to Sheet on the last day 4, Melhem said that the seven actresses what accused him of harassment, they did so because they were unable to exchange favors and that he was wrong to cheat on his ex-wife and, supposedly, not to impose barriers of intimacy at work.

In participating in the podcast, Dani said that she only sought the station’s Compliance after receiving advice from actress Maria Clara Gueiros.

“There are things that we only deal with when we have no other option. You can’t get on a plane crying and go to work crying. I couldn’t pass the badge at the reception, I could only see myself being happy leaving the company. It became an unbearable situation and unsustainable. She took my hand, she didn’t speak, but she wanted to say ‘you’re not crazy'”, he said.

She stated that the actress went along with her to make the complaint, and that Globo would have investigated and proven the case. This is not, however, what the 2,500-page process obtained by Veja magazine says. In the document, Compliance would have concluded that the alleged harassment was not proven.

“In fact, the artist’s inadequacy with his subordinates was verified, without it being possible to prove the deliberate practice of sexual harassment, given the legal contours that the conduct requires for its characterization”, is stated in the process.

During the interview, the comedian also spoke about Marcelo Adnet’s betrayal during their relationship and says she felt a lot of guilt after the separation.

“Breaking up is remembering who we are, recalculating the route, with the feeling of ‘Has he lost interest in me? I don’t know if I’m so nice, I don’t know if I have sex so well’. We blame ourselves, and women already feel guilt for so many things… people said ‘man cheats’. I could also cheat, I also have momentary lust, but there is maturity, character and choices.”

Source: Folha

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