Attack on SYRIZA for spreading fake news about them salariesas he mentions, unleashes in a statement of minister of state, Akis Schertsos.

The following is the detailed statement of Aki Skertsou:

“Pinocchio” SYRIZA talks about a “wage freeze” – another fake news bombardment by SYRIZA and its executives just a few days after the final conviction of the rest of their falsehoods at the ballot box.

His indigestible for SYRIZA comparison with the ND – which proves that the workers had more than twice the wage benefit from the ND government compared to the SYRIZA government – leads him to new monstrous lies.

So its first-class executives, such as Ms. Akrita and Mr. Polakis falsely spread the word that wages will “freeze” for the next two years citing a fragmentary article in a daily newspaper and a report by the Commission.

Let’s refresh their memory with the following indisputable facts: during the SYRIZA government, unemployment reached 17.5%, while more than 700,000 workers in our country were paid a salary lower than 700 euros/month while. The result was to further widen the wage gap between Greek and European incomes. Under SYRIZA, that is, the Greeks became poorer than the rest of the Europeans.

On the contrary, in the period 2019-2023, unemployment decreased by an additional 5 points, the minimum wage increased at twice the rate of the previous four years, by +20%, from 650 to 780 euros, while according to Ergani, the workers who are paid a salary of less than 700 euros decreased by > 250,000 or by 35%, and according to ELSTAT, in recent years the population on the poverty line has also decreased by 2 units.

Based on this improved economic, employment, investment and income trajectory, the ND is committed to a further increase in minimum and average wages of 25% by 2027 and twice the GDP growth of the rest of Europe on an annual basis.

What the officials of SYRIZA deliberately hide, in order to obscure and ultimately mislead the citizens, is that the publication does not refer to the increase in the minimum wage, which is already happening and will continue to happen, but to the restoration of the “three years”, after it falls unemployment below 10%. Below, that is, the percentage set by the 2012 law that was faithfully implemented by the SYRIZA government in the period 2015-2019.

What they don’t admit is that the government has been making conservative estimates in its official forecasts for the course of the economy, GDP, investments, unemployment, and consistently for the last 4 years, and the final results are consistently better than our estimates. This, after all, is evidenced by the drop in unemployment by >5 points in the four-year period 2019-2023, but also by twice the rate of growth of the Greek economy compared to the rest of Europe, the largest drop in public debt in the EU as a whole. Which means that only our own policy can guarantee even more dynamic GDP growth and a faster-than-expected drop in unemployment below 10% in the years to come.

At the opposite end of the government, there is always the “Pinocchio” SYRIZA that feeds rabbits with petrels, such as the 83 billion euro program, which if ever implemented, would automatically lead our country to a new regime of excessive deficit, exclusion from the markets, new memoranda, deep recession, overtaxation and loss of incomes and jobs.

Elections are not won with threats and lies. It seems once again, however, that SYRIZA and its executives neither learned nor will ever be able to understand why they were defeated in Sunday’s polls.”