The pressure is on at My Style Rocks as the countdown to the grand finale begins. Some players can’t pick it up and end up bending over and bursting into tears. On Wednesday’s episode (24/5) it was Iris’s turn to break down, unable to hold back her tears.

The situation continued even in front of the judges, who rushed to comfort her. In fact, Dimitris Skoulos deified her, while leaving hints to the other players: “You are moved by the over-effort. But you didn’t take the easy way out like some of the girls behind you did. And that is to your credit, for that you also have my unlimited respect.”

Among the appearances that were discussed was that of Irini Kazakis. In a concept reminiscent of the Wild West, the player again chose narrow and tight-fitting pieces, without doing any special styling. A debate broke out between the players about the points, with Olga Kotlida and Claire Toli coming into conflict.

The judges were not satisfied with Nicole Despotopoulou either. Everyone may have agreed that her clothes were impressive, but they did not match the concept she had chosen. The comments of Iliana Papageorgiou and Dimitris Skoulos in particular provoked the reaction of the player, who believes that lately they have exhausted their strictness on her with the low scores.