Women expose the sexual violence of actor Gérard Depardieu in an interview


This Tuesday (23), two of the 13 women who accuse Gérard Depardieu of sexual harassment spoke publicly about the violence suffered by the French star. Actresses Charlotte Arnould and Sarah Brook told details of the actor’s attacks in an interview. Deperdieu, who was indicted in March of this year on charges of “rape” and “sexual assault” over a complaint by Arnould in 2018, denies the allegations.

“I feel that I died and that my life is over. I’ve been living in hell for five years”, began Charlotte Arnould in the statement she gave to BFMTV. She revealed that since the episode, which took place at the actor’s home in August 2018, she has suffered from bulimia, anorexia, scarification and alcoholism.

The actress also explained that Depardieu’s behavior behind the scenes is known to people in the world of cinema and that nothing has been done against the Frenchman. She characterized the tolerance of productions with the protagonist of “The Last Metro” (1980) and “Cyrano de Bergerac” (1990) as “omerta”, a reference to the mafia’s law of silence.

Sarah Brooks also said she was a victim of the actor in the filming of the series “Marseille” in the report of the French broadcaster. “We were filming in a football stadium in Marseille. […] Depardieu was beside me, and as a crowd took our picture, […] he put his hand in my shorts and my panties – she recalled.

Brooks said he tried to report the assault, but team professionals laughed it off. “It was disappointing, humiliating, shocking. Who does that to a 20-year-old girl?”

Source: Folha

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