Jeff Machado: childhood friend points out alleged producer as a suspect in the crime

Jeff Machado: childhood friend points out alleged producer as a suspect in the crime

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro is analyzing the evidence found in the house where the body of actor Jeff Machado was found. He had been missing since January 27 and his body was located on Monday (22), inside a concrete chest two meters deep, in Campo Grande, in the west of the city.

There is already a suspect of actively participating in the crime, denounced to the authorities by Cintia Hilsendeger, a childhood friend of the victim. she told the F5 that a man, who in 2019 presented himself as a producer and production assistant, would have approached Jeff through promises of work and indications.

This man would have been the last person to see him alive, and had in his possession the keys to the actor’s house and car when family and friends reported his disappearance. The police say they do not comment on suspects or the line of investigation so as not to interfere with his work.

The boy claimed to have the items at Jeff’s request. “He told us that Jefferson had given him the car key for him to wash and the property for sale. And that the dogs were with a couple of acquaintances, but we knew that was a lie, he would never do that and he didn’t warn anyone about it. anything.”

Cintia, responsible for managing Jeff’s Instagram account since the discovery of his body, says she believes that her friend fell into a scam and that he would have been drugged before being murdered. “This man called himself a producer and production assistant. Sometimes, Jefferson felt uncomfortable when this guy visited his house because he was dazzled by the things Jeff had, they were decoration things, it wasn’t anything of value. That’s why we believe in this trap”, says the F5.

In addition to the trunk where his body was found, a sofa, a television, collectibles, decorative objects and a computer would have been taken from the actor’s house.

The actor’s killer even impersonated him in messages exchanged with the family. Maria das Dores Machado, Jeff’s mother, said she found it strange because her son no longer sent her audios and started to communicate only via text messages in a language that was not his usual.

Another point also brought distrust: the artist’s eight dogs, always very well treated, wandered abandoned through different neighborhoods of the city. “He had eight beautiful dogs, which he cared for with great love. One of them died and they realized he wasn’t in São Paulo. It was a lot of lies and dishonesty for a good person, a worker, a man of light”, said Maria das Pains.

Source: Folha

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