Baltakos: “Proclamation with a double final – Foreign referees in 2024 as well, but with the exchange system”


Given that this year’s final Novibet Hellenic Cup passed through a thousand waves, in EPO they are already looking at the… future!

Takis Baltakos, speaking to ERT both about the future of the event and about issues such as refereeing, emphasized: “We had predicted that if one team from Athens and one from Thessaloniki are in the final then they would be in Panthessalikos, which is in the middle of the distance. The fact that they did not accept fans of the two teams in the Panthessaliko is strange to me. It was a match without fans, something that will not happen again».

He then noted:We will not say a specific city, which will take place, but we will see depending on the teams (including those who will participate in the final) and the Executive will make a decision. Everything will be on the table. We will not only put Panthessaliko. Either a double final or we will go abroad (including if they receive refusals)».

Regarding the arbitration, he underlined:If UEFA continues (including not sending Elite or First Division foreign referees) which in my opinion it will continue, then we will have no choice but to play with far fewer foreigners and far more Greeks. The next year will be transitional in order to go to 2024 in such a way that the Greeks will take over almost exclusively. We will also have foreign referees then, but with an exchange system. That is, if we want a referee from the Netherlands, we should also send a referee».

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Source: Sport Fm

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