“The biggest prize ever given out on Survivor.” These were the words with which Giorgos Lianos “closed” Wednesday’s council, leaving the Reds and Blues in “hot coals”. In the end, the host of Survivor All Star was not at all wrong, since the prize was a three-day trip to New York for the winning team.

But first, the two teams had to give it their all in a very demanding battle arena. The Reds won the first individual match, the Blues responded in the second, resulting in a play-off. There, everything was to be determined by the two protagonists of the week: Takis Karagounias and Nikos Bartzis. Unfazed by the fact that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, the Reds man turned into the ultimate star as his own win secured the eventual victory.

At the end of the match, all the players burst into tears, each for their own reason. However, there was also a smile on the Blue team. With one more ticket due to the suspension of Takis Karagounias, the Reds were asked to select a player from the opposing team to join them. Fortune finally smiled on Stavroula, who followed the Reds to New York.

After an intense week, it was only natural that the winners enjoyed the prize to their heart’s content. Strolling through Central Park and Times Square, visiting the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Madame Tussauds, as well as shopping for the big outings for food, drink and dancing.

At the same time, the Blues enjoyed their tranquility at the beach with dips and games in the sand, trying to keep their minds off the delights of their rivals in the city that never sleeps.