Annoyed by the caricature of their father in the series ‘Rei da TV’, Silvio Santos’ daughters plan an ‘official’ version


Ana Cora Lima

The series “O Rei da TV”, by Star+, provoked indignation and revolt in the family of Silvio Santos, 92, and now the presenter’s heirs want to show their version of the presenter’s story. His six daughters, irritated by the production -which has been successful on the streaming platform-, plan to air a documentary about their father, on SBT, of course.

The project still doesn’t have a date to get off the ground, but according to the channel’s advisory, it will happen “in the near future”. The idea is to tell, in a “reliable” way, the story of Senor Abravanel.

In conversation with F5, Silvia Abravanel, daughter number two of Silvio, reinforced the family’s criticism of the second season of the series. She said she felt queasy and repulsed watching it. “They wanted to attract attention for the pimp and the grotesque satire”, the also businesswoman is indignant.

Silvia complains more strongly about one episode in particular: the one in which she addresses a supposed betrayal by the communicator. “My father never cheated on my mother [Maria Aparecida Viera]no one was ever involved [com ele]. None of those low things they wanted to show [aconteceu]. I was there and saw everything. That really hurts me a lot,” she says.

The presenter, who has been increasingly moving away from the broadcaster, has been working on personal projects such as raising horses and the project to open hotels in Brazilian airports. She gave the following interview to F5:

The Abravanel family had already criticized the first season of the series “O Rei da TV”, and now you have raised the tone. What is really so bad about this sequel?

I tried to watch it, but it made me nauseous. Really disgusted. I watched about five minutes and I didn’t like the way my father was portrayed. They wanted to draw attention to the pimp, the grotesque satire.

What for example?

About my mother, my father, about history as it really was. My father never cheated on my mother, never had anyone involved [com ele]. None of those low things they wanted to show [aconteceu]. I was there and saw everything. This really is something that made me very sad, very hurt.

Did your father watch the series? Did he even say anything?

My father was unable to attend. He didn’t like or say anything and I know he has no intention of suing the directors and authors of the series either. He says that if he had to worry about everything they say about him, especially the bad things, he wouldn’t leave the house (laughs). He knows that thing: talk bad but talk about me? That’s exactly it. He always taught me that what they say or think about you is not his problem.

Is there a project for a series about Silvio Santos produced by SBT?

I’m super for it because it’s going to be a story told by the family. A reliable story and not based on guesswork.

When will your father return to command the Silvio Santos Program?

My father is unpredictable. He can get up now and say: ‘I want to record today at 11 pm’ and that’s it. As the owner of the station, he does what he wants (laughs). He is everything to me.

You’re getting further and further away from the TV…

And truth. I go there on Thursdays to record ‘Sábado Animado’ and that’s it. I’ve been through everything, I’ve been through all the production, direction and presentation houses. Now I’m running some personal projects like my stud farm and horse breeding. I also want to open hotels in airports.

Any TV projects?

I have a game project, but it’s difficult because it’s a high investment. Really loud. I won’t tell the dynamics because it’s something unheard of. I’ve been studying. We will see.

Source: Folha

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