Until a few years ago, few people knew about Korfos Corinthia, as all the “glory” was attracted by the nearby Baths of Orea Eleni.

Little by little, however, the reputation for the beauty of this small coastal village – just an hour away from Athens – spread and now Korfos is bustling with life in the summer months, but without being… suffocatingly crowded.

The calm, idyllic settlement is famous for its crystal clear blue-green beaches on the Saronic Sea – organized and free – which are surrounded by the pine-covered slopes of the area.


In the picturesque taverns, in the small port of the village, you will enjoy your food and take your walk while in the square of the settlement, in the small cafes you can enjoy your coffee or taste the wonderful sweets that are served.


Korfos is 113 kilometers from Athens by road, which means you can reach it in about 1.5 hours.

At a short distance from the village is the bay of “Selondas”, where the submarine “Papanikolis” was sheltered.

Also, Loutraki is only 41 kilometers away and Nafplio 35 kilometers, offering the opportunity for nearby excursions.

With information and photos from korfos.gr