Over the knee boots were the central theme of today’s episode of My Style Rocks on SKAI.

All the players had a common reference point, around which they had to build their looks.

This time, the knives came out early.

Christiana’s appearance caused “good morning” strong comments from her teammates.

Her choice to appear on set in suspenders was met with rather negative comments.

Nicoletta and Nausika were particularly critical, with the latter, in fact, saying that Christiana’s appearance referred to a “different kind of club” than the one she wanted.

Beyond her clothing choices, Christiana was at the center of other tensions. The occasion was the appearance of Vasiliki, which Christiana would like to rate with -1 if she could.

Olga also spoke about the wrong choice of Vassiliki, with the three players having a strong rivalry with each other.

Contra which did not stop there. When she stood in front of the judging panel, Vasiliki “reassured” that some players behave differently in front of and behind the cameras.

“Behind you they say ‘you’re a doll’ and then they put ‘1’ on you” she said characteristically to trigger a new cycle of tension with the rest of the players.

Once again, Emilia drew attention to her.

Her look revolved around the concept of her dating the famous Kris Jenner, however it was deemed incomplete by the judges.

The comments from Reina were also negative and the two players spoke in an intense tone.

In the racing portion of the episode, Nicole was the one who collected the highest score.

The judges were impressed by her appearance, while she made everyone laugh with her excellent impersonations.