• Quartet of Giannatou-Kimmig-Vryza-Kazantzis at the Goethe Institute

Her Thursday June 1stvoice meets violins and percussion in Goethe Institute. Two internationally recognized musicians, the singer Savina Giannatou and the violinist Harald Kimmig, created a quartet, with Dimos Vryzas on violin and Thanos Kazantzis on percussion, which combines different musical styles, Sephardic songs, electronic sounds and improvisational jazz, which merge with great skill into a special sound universe.

1/6, 20:30
Goethe Institute – Omirou 14-16, Athens

  • Spring music festival “Nikos and Andreas Hadziapostolou” at the Kifissia City Hall

On Thursday, June 1the Municipality of Kifissia presents a special tribute for his contribution Nikos and Andreas Hatziapostolos in Greek musical creation, with the high voice Mara Thrasyvoulidou and the conductor Giorgos Niarchos. With them Spyros and Gerasimos Karaviotis, accompanied by guitars and mandolin. The concert will feature favorite songs from popular operettas by Nikos Hatziaapostolou such as “The Apachides of Athens”, “The first love”, “The lovers”, “The woman on the street” as well as songs by Andreas Hatziaapostolou such as “You will drink a glass’, ‘I’ll cut the wine’, ‘What’s my fault’, ‘Give me wings’, ‘The good days are gone’.

1/6, 20:00
City Hall of Kifisia – Dionysos and Myrsini, Kifisia

  • The show “O empenimen…nika” at the “Kamini” Cultural Center

Her Thursday June 1st the Cultural Center of Galatsi, “Kamini”, will host the innovative theatrical performance “The persistent…wins!”, staged by the Re-live Playback team. The aim of the show is to start a conversation with the audience about the importance of success and victory. According to the show, each of us sets different goals in our lives, which seem smaller or bigger, but what matters more in the end, the victory or the effort that everyone puts in to make their dreams come true. The theatrical action will take place through the process of Playback, which is a kind of interactive improvisational theater, in which there is no specific script and direction. The audience itself, telling their stories, experiences and reflections, shapes the “script” of the show.

1/6, 20:30
National Historical Museum (Old Parliament) – Stadiou 13, Athens

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