Arthur Aguiar says he didn’t make Maíra Cardi happy by eating red meat

Arthur Aguiar says he didn’t make Maíra Cardi happy by eating red meat

Betrayals were even forgiven, but eating red meat was not, and this hindered the marriage of Arthur Aguiar, 34, to Maíra Cardi. So it is. That’s what the BBB 22 champion recently told in an interview. He believes he didn’t make his ex-wife, who is a weight loss coach, happy because of her eating habits.

“I don’t think I made her happy. We had an agreement that, at home, it was better that I didn’t eat [carne], mainly by Sophia. But outside…”, let the actor and singer escape, who abused away from his companion’s eyes. He even handed out other forbidden foods that undermined the relationship: ‘Coxinha did not enter [em casa]. Sugar, no way,” he revealed to the Bagaceira Chique podcast, led by Luciana Gimenez on YouTube.

Arthur also recognized that there was external pressure on top of the couple’s diet. “It was her job. How did the public react to it? [comer alimentos proibidos] and she too, how would she deal with this situation? Like “I take care of people, and my husband is eating coxinha”, explained the actor.

In October last year, the couple announced the end of their relationship of just over five years on and off. Arthur and Maíra’s relationship was marked by misunderstandings, revelations and public discussions. In 2020, she revealed, through a video, that Arthur had committed several betrayals, while she was still breastfeeding her two-year-old daughter named Sophia.

Maíra, today, is engaged to youtuber Thiago Nigro. Her marriage to the also businessman, better known as “Primo Rico”, is scheduled for the month of August.

Source: Folha

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