A difficult phase, but also full of excitement. In your 30s you are still young, but at the same time much more mature. The next day will not easily forgive the sleepless nights of the previous night, but you know better what you want from life and where you are going. You are in this intermediate, meteoric phase: The one where everything is still possible, but at the same time you are called to make decisive decisions.

Some of those decisions are about how you’re going to juggle the responsibilities of 30—which likely include long hours at work, household and other responsibilities—with enough free time and moments to devote to self-care, whether that means cooking a healthy meal, whether applying a beauty mask, or just resting.

In order for this self-care ritual to work, you will need to make some adjustments that best suit what your body needs at this time. What worked for you in your 20s may no longer be beneficial.

If you’re wondering what the 5 essential wellness habits you should adopt in your 30s are, you’ll find them below:

  • Emphasis on empowerment

Women reach peak bone mass by age 30. Regular strength training will help keep your bones healthy and strong for longer. At the same time, it will reduce the risk of other injuries and generally give you a strong body, able to cope more effectively with all the changes that time brings.

  • Personal time

As you grow older, you learn that, after all, living here and there with yourself is not only not bad, but necessary. Personal time is an integral part of mental well-being. So, make sure you get some time with yourself from time to time. Take him for a walk, offer him a gift and, in general, enjoy your company. Learn to love this personal time and you will soon realize how beneficial it will be both in your personal well-being and in your relationship with others.

  • Skin protection is the key to antiaging

The sun is definitely not bad. It lights up the days, but also our soul. He cheers us up, and when he’s missing, we always look for him. Sunlight, however, can damage your skin if you’re not careful. It is, in fact, one of the main factors of aging.

So the solution is simple. Go out and enjoy the sun, but after applying your sunscreen, put on your hat and sunglasses. Thus, you will enjoy sunny days, while protecting your health and appearance.

Your skincare routine will benefit even more if you add products with retinol and vitamin C, substances that boost the formation of collagen in the skin, helping it to stay radiant and firm. With these simple moves, it is certain that your future self will thank you!

  • A good breakfast is synonymous with a good day

Surely you have heard that in the morning you should eat like a king. A full and nutritious breakfast is the best way to start a busy day. No matter how sleepy you are or feel like you’re not hungry, don’t allow yourself to limit yourself to a cup of coffee. You will be surprised by how much energy this small change in your daily life can give you.

A nutritious smoothie, some protein and some healthy fats will fill you up, filling you with energy and well-being. Leave the sugar aside. The rumored energy boost will only last for a short while and then you’ll feel the same way you did before you ate that chocolate bar.

  • Prioritize sleep and take care of your brain health

It is rather easy to understand that without proper and sufficient rest, almost nothing else is possible. Sleep is of prime importance when it comes to health. After all, many studies have highlighted it as a health indicator. So, whatever happens in your day, make sure you get enough and deep sleep.

Thus, you will give the body time to rebuild, while at the same time you will ensure the health of your brain. In order to achieve all this, you will have to do something that will be difficult for you at first, but you will thank me later: Put your cell phone aside long before you go to sleep. Ideally, leave it in another room. Free yourself from artificial light, but also unnecessary information and create the ideal conditions for rest.