An unprecedented one rescuing two donkeys from the sea took place on the afternoon of Monday, June 5, on a deserted beach at northern Karpathos within the Natura 2000 protected area.

Men from the island’s Fire Brigade, in collaboration with the port station of Diafani, as well as officers of the North Karpathos Management Agency as well as volunteers, after many hours of effort they managed to free the two animals alive which were located on the steep and deserted beach of the municipal district of Diafani “Kalamia”.

In the extremely difficult effort we assembled a private boat to transport them. With great care the animals were drawn to the adjacent accessible beach “Vananda” after first the firefighters donned life jackets for them.

It was a really difficult and at the same time unprecedented operation for both the men of the port, the fire brigade, the management body, and also the volunteers, who with particular sensitivity and care managed to transport the two animals to a safe place.