Emicida and Arthur do Val clash over fees at Virada Cultural


Rapper Emicida and former state deputy Arthur do Val clashed on social media this Tuesday (6). The youtuber and entrepreneur, also known as Mamãe Falei, criticized the singer for allegedly receiving one of the highest fees to perform at Virada Cultural, at the end of May.

According to the former parliamentarian, the rapper would have received R$ 285,000 to perform and denounced what he called “poly fees” for other artists. “He had a cache of more than R$ 400,000. It’s not because of the culture, it never was. It’s because of the bread and circuses policy and support from the Patota”, wrote former state deputy Arthur do Val (União Brasil). He was impeached last year by the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo (Alesp) for breach of parliamentary decorum, after the leak of sexist audios about Ukrainian refugees.

Emicida responded to the post by saying that culture and cultural projects generate jobs. “There are people who work, create jobs, value culture, encourage local trade, bring new artists to participate in the show and make the culture and neighborhood economy spin. This is our case”, began the rapper, who concluded: ” There are people like you, who try to do sex tourism in a war zone” — referring to a trip by the politician to Ukraine, which ended up resulting in his impeachment. “Each offers what it has to offer,” he added.

The singer and former presenter of Papo de Segunda, from GNT, even shared a montage in which he criticizes members of the Movimento Brasil Livre (MBL), for which Arthur do Val projected himself: “When you are from the MBL, everything makes sense. Because you’re dumb”.

Arthur made a reply and even warned that Emicida will be “properly processed”. “Take courage and accept my challenge. Speaking on stage receiving tax money is easy”, he finished.

Source: Folha

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