MC Daniel says he was ‘framed’ by the police in Paris: ‘I almost got arrested’


The funk artist MC Daniel showed images that he would have been framed by the police in Paris, France, on the night of this Wednesday (7). After a busy day, in which he countered a journalist’s publications about his alleged breakup with Mel Maia, the artist mocked the situation with the authorities on Instagram.

“Just a record that I want to leave here, of this incredible day with incredible people. Finally, I was almost arrested here in Paris”, he began, in the caption of a video in which he appears to be searched by French police. “We left a friend on the way and they investigated the situation, considering that I and my professional colleagues were marginal, scoundrels.”

Finally, MC Daniel thanked the fans for their concern and assured that everything ended well. “In the end, they saw that we are ‘zé povinhos’ workers”, he said.

During Wednesday, he took the opportunity to refute the news published by a journalist about the alleged breakup with Mel Maia. “I don’t accept that they say lies about me. People post several stops and I don’t care. But his is the fifth time. Why didn’t he say it when I worked as a cleaning assistant at the Outback”, he reinforced.

At the moment, MC Daniel is in Europe for his first overseas tour.

Source: Folha

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