For the fourth day, the fight between Konstantinos Vassalos and Marialena Roumeliotis continued in Survivor All Star. Recently, the friendly relationship between them has been strongly tested, especially after the moment when the latter voted for the former and not Melina Metaxas.

At the start of Wednesday’s (7/6) episode, the Reds player took his grievances to his teammate through song: “I don’t want friends like that, friends who want to see me hurt,” he sang, later admitting that he put and crying, unable to bear the “betrayal” of his girlfriend.

Marialena’s vote also strongly concerned the Blues, with Stella Andreadou stating that the two fight “like a dog and a cat”, while Nikos Bartzis and Giorgos Asimakopoulos revealed that they heard them fighting in the jungle without cameras.

The tension between them eased somewhat during the game, which ended with a victory for the Reds. In fact, Konstantinos Vassalos had a hand in making this happen, with Marialena praising him and the two of them hugging afterwards, showing that what happened belongs to the past.

In the end, this does not seem to be the case, as the next day, the two opened a new round of confrontation. “I will cry, Marialena, if you give me an X, maybe I will too” said Konstantinos, who seems not to have forgotten that the truce between them is… temporary.