Adriano Imperador misses a flight and does not appear to comment on the Champions League final on TNT


Announced as one of the attractions of the transmission of the Champions League final for TNT Sports and HBO Max, the former player Adriano Imperador missed the flight that would take him to Turkey, where Manchester City faced Internazionale de Milan, this Saturday (10) . Adriano is one of the great idols of the Italian team and would fly to Istanbul on Friday (9), to comment on the match the next day.

But the Emperor did not show up at the Rio airport to join the team, and he was not located in time to check-in. According to the newspaper Extra, the former player was seen at three different parties in the Rio de Janeiro capital the night before boarding.

Videos released by the publication show the attacker at the Naná kiosk, in Barra da Tijuca, and later at the Prainha Beach Club, in Vila da Penha. Adriano would also have been seen at a celebration for Luizinho Guimarães, president of the Unidos de Vila Isabel samba school.

TNT Sports had announced the presence of Imperador on the channel’s commentator team a few days earlier on its social networks. “You’re not reading this wrong! Adriano Imperador is another star that will participate in the final of the UEFA Champions League straight from Istanbul alongside the TNT Sports team! Very welcome, my Emperor!”, read the caption.

During the broadcast, the channel’s presenters stated that Adriano was not next to them on the bench “for personal reasons”. The final match was even more expected by Brazilians due to the show by Anitta, who made a presentation of less than three minutes before the ball rolled.

wanted by F5, the former player and the TNT channel did not respond to the messages sent. Adriano, subject of a documentary by Susanna Lira released in 2022, had three passages through the Italian team: in 2001 and between 2004 and 2008. The nickname “Emperor” comes from his victorious seasons for the Milanese team.

Source: Folha

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