Charlie Bit My Finger: Watch the teenagers and millionaires now starring in the viral video


As YouTube approaches 17 years of online presence, many of its first stars that went viral (with today’s data) with the videos they uploaded and made the site famous are much bigger, wiser and richer.

Perhaps the biggest viral video ever on the site is the one known to most of us as “Charlie Bit My Finger”, meaning “Charlie bit my finger”.

For many years, it topped the list with the most views on YouTube.

The video, which is less than a minute long, captures a family scene where one-year-old Charlie bites the finger of his three-year-old brother Harry Davis-Carr.

Although the video was only intended for family and friends to watch, it quickly went viral with most views on YouTube.

The 56-second video shows Harry deciding to put his finger in Charlie’s mouth and then he is shocked and surprised by what will happen next.

After 16 years, Harry and Charlie are now teenagers, being the older brothers of their two brothers, Jasper and Rupert.

Although they seem recognizable today, the video still plays a big role in their lives, as it gave their parents the opportunity to comfortably support their family and educate their children.

The family has made a not insignificant amount of money, but has never squandered it.

Of course Charlie and Harry joke that they want … to invest their profits in Ferrari.

The mother of four boys even admitted in an interview on Good Morning Britain that they could not have a fourth child without the success of the video.


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