First trans gala in SP honors LGBTQIA+ icons like Erika Hilton and Liniker


Dani Avelar

LGBTQIA+ icons such as federal deputy Erika Hilton and singers Liniker and Urias were awarded this Tuesday (13) in São Paulo, at TransBaile. The event, the first gala for the Brazilian trans community, brought together celebrities and influencers for a cocktail and musical performances at Blue Note, a traditional venue on Avenida Paulista.

In the middle of LGBTQIA+ Pride month, TransBaile celebrated the life and excellence of a historically abused and oppressed community. “How many trans and transvestite artists that you know have won awards at major industry events?”, question Giovanna Heliodoro and Bielo Pereira, creators of TransBaile. “It is this change that we want to promote, promoting and exalting trans culture to give time and voice to community members.”

Those who attended the event loved being face to face with important trans figures in politics, such as Erika Hilton, Erica Malunguinho and Carolina Iara, and in culture, such as Liniker, Majur and Urias. “It was epic”, says artist Akin from Minas Gerais about his first participation in a gala event. “I was very honored to be able to be there honoring references that were so important in my training”.

One of the best moments of the night was when Majur’s dancers lavish their ballroom talent on stage. The singer Urias, possibly the most beautiful woman in Brazil, also did not disappoint. Honorable mention goes to Erika Hilton’s stylist, the congresswoman with the aura of a pop diva who has been rocking look after look in Brasília and at Pride month events.

TransBaile was carried out by MAP Brasil, an agency focused on business development for brands, artists and entertainment personalities, in partnership with the curatorship and influencer marketing agency Gaiah.

TransBaile winners:

• Pioneering Category: Mel Gonçalves

• Reception Category: Antra and Ibrate

• Intellectuality Category: Leonardo Peçanha

• Trans Excellence Category: Jonas Maria

• Trans Influence Category: Vitória Colen

• Transformar Award by Nívea: Ana Carolina Apocalypse

• Trans Category of the Year: Erika Hilton

• Artist Category: Urias

• Campaign Category: Liniker

Source: Folha

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