Shakira says relationship with Gerard Piqué was ‘very turbulent’ from the beginning


The dispute between Shakira and the government of Spain for an alleged tax fraud of 14.5 million euros, about R$ 76 million, by the Colombian for more than ten years, is still a subject there. The newspaper “El País” had access to excerpts from the artist’s testimony to the Spanish court, in which the Colombian reports the “turbulent relationship” she had with her ex-husband Gerard Piqué. This revelation is an attempt by the singer to convince the judge in the case that she did not live stably in Spain until 2015 and therefore could not be considered a tax resident in the country.

Shakira highlighted that the beginning of the relationship with Piqué was marked by problems. “Our relationship was very turbulent. He was a Dragon Khan (Game of Thrones character), because our professional lives didn’t mix, it was like putting water and oil together. I was traveling the world, and he had to meet schedules,” he said.

The Colombian also highlighted her insecurity with the relationship due to the age difference, with Piqué being ten years younger, handsome and “with a playboy reputation”. Therefore, according to the singer, she had no “guarantees” that the relationship would move forward or that they would form a family in the future.

“I hope this doesn’t leak to the press”, the singer emphasized during testimony in 2019. The trial on the alleged tax fraud will resume in November, according to “El País”. The prosecution asks for a sentence of eight years in prison and a fine of 23.7 million euros (nearly R$ 125 million) for the pop star for considering that she has lived at least half the year in Spain since 2011.

Shakira and Piqué met in 2010, months before the World Cup in South Africa, when she was the interpreter of “Waka Waka”, the official song of the competition, and he was one of the stars of the Spanish national team, champion of the World Cup. They made their relationship official the following year, and the former couple’s eldest son, Milan, was born in January 2013. Two years later, they had Sasha. In June 2022, they announced the end of the marriage after rumors of betrayal by the former Barcelona player.

Source: Folha

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