Jojo Todynho claims to have been a victim of racism during blitz


Presenter Jojo Todynho said she was the victim of racism during a traffic stop. In an interview with the podcast Pod Fazer Mais, released this Friday (16), she narrated that she was asked by an agent about the fact that she had an armored car and that she would have suffered a veiled prejudice.

Even presenting the requested documentation, Jojo says that the policeman said that “it was not enough”. “The guy was arrogant and I was fine. I said to myself: ‘It’s not possible, God’, and I handed him the documents, everything was nice. I was coming back from the gym.”

After showing that she was driving in sneakers, Jojo was questioned again: “I gave him the documents, everything was fine, he turned to me and said: ‘Hey, can you ride in an armored car?'”. She then states that she took a deep breath so as not to disrespect the agent.

“I thought: ‘I have to speak in a way that I can’t be arrested’. And I said in a very arrogant way: ‘I can have an armored vehicle, you can’t, you’re a salaried worker’. He was left without sound and without image “, she recalled, getting permission to leave the place.

Jojo remembers that she was indignant: “Afterwards, we are called arrogant. He doesn’t have to question whether I’m riding in an armored car. The fact that we are black and have a condition does not exempt us from suffering racism and any other prejudice , because people are bad. But you, every time you have a racist act, think twice about doing it with me.”

Currently, in addition to being an influencer, Jojo Todynho is studying law. “If people didn’t like Jojo before, they’re going to hate Jordana now,” she concluded.

Source: Folha

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