‘Sex And The City’ co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are known to have a feud, which has come to the fore again with the premiere of ‘And Just Like That’ in a few days.

The series will of course star Sarah Jessica Parker but Kim Cattrall will make a fairly brief appearance. “She’s really fun, exciting and definitely nostalgic” were Sarah’s first words about Kim.

But Kristen Davis, who plays Charlotte in the series, said the four main cast members have always been divided – and that Cattrall’s cameo doesn’t mean there’s “closure” or “resolution” to the feud.

“I think sometimes you really have friends in life who are very different from you. And I think that’s great. Right?… I think that was great for the four of us because obviously, Charlotte had a very different perspective than Samantha and Carrie and Miranda sometimes. We all represented different points of view at different times, and sometimes we argued, you know, and sometimes we didn’t like what was going on – just like girlfriends,” she stressed.