Neymar’s mansion condominium is glued to the Atlantic Forest preservation area


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The condominium in which the player Neymar Jr had a work embargoed, in Mangaratiba, for committing environmental infractions, is glued to an APA (environmental preservation area) of the Atlantic Forest, in the Costa Verde region, in Rio de Janeiro. Last Thursday (22), the municipality’s Environment Department carried out an operation at the PSG athlete’s mansion to prohibit the renovation and construction of an artificial lake.

The folder informed that the work did not have approval to be carried out and was committing at least seven environmental infractions. This Friday (23), the City Hall of Mangaratiba informed that the player’s legal team has not yet presented any technical report or document that proves the authorization for the project and, therefore, he is still interdicted.

O F5 made contact with Neymar’s advisory, but still had no response. The artificial lake, measuring 1,000 m², would be inaugurated this Friday with a party. The athlete is in Brazil and participated, on Thursday, in a charity auction for Instituto Neymar Jr.

According to the Department of the Environment, the work committed the following environmental infractions: diversion of water course; capturing water from the river without authorization; water collection for artificial lake; landscaping; excavation; movement of stones and rocks without authorization; and application of beach sand without environmental authorization.

The estimate, according to the city hall, is that the fine against Neymar exceeds R$ 5 million. However, the municipality has not yet fined the player and said that the city’s legal team is assessing the environmental damage caused by the work.

During the operation of the Municipal Secretariat for the Environment at Neymar’s mansion, the player’s father, Neymar Pai, even received an arrest warrant for disrespecting the head of the portfolio, secretary Shayenne Barreto. He, however, was not arrested.

The mansion, where the artificial lake was made, is located in the Aero Rural Bom Jardim condominium, next to the Portobello resort, where Neymar also has a home. The region is part of the Atlantic Forest and both condominiums are surrounded by the APA of Mangaratiba, which has more than 25 thousand hectares, which is equivalent to more than 25 thousand soccer fields.

Although the condominium where the work was stopped is not part of the preservation area, the municipal government stated that environmental violations could compromise the biome, which is one of the most threatened in the country. Today, it has only 12% of its original coverage, according to data from Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica.

Actions such as the diversion of a watercourse and the expansion of a strip of sand can affect precisely what the Mangaratiba APA intends to protect. Created in 1987, the reserve aims to preserve the vegetation that protects the springs, mangroves and rocky shores.

The report has not yet been able to contact the administration of the Aero Rural condominium, which is located on the Rio Santos Highway, which skirts the sea coast of Mangaratiba. The Furado River passes through the condominium, which would be where the water would be being diverted to the artificial lake. Part of this river is within the APA and the protected area due to its mangroves.

O F5 He tried to contact the construction company responsible for the work, Genesis Ecossistemas, by telephone and e-mail, but still received no response.



Lagoon in Neymar’s mansion causes controversy: in the image above, as it was before the work; below, how the work turned out – reproduction

The artificial lake at Neymar’s mansion was built in ten days and would be inaugurated this Friday (23), with a party. Its construction is part of the Genesis Experience program, which promises to carry out works and renovations of external areas within a short period of time.

The program is sold as a course by landscape architect Ricardo Caporossi Junior, and each place costs R$ 120,000. Those interested need to pay a registration fee of R$450, but only ten are selected to participate.

If the participant does not want to pay the amount upfront, he can pay the course in up to ten installments of BRL 14,000 —including, in the total cost, interest of BRL 20,000.

The work at Neymar’s mansion was the fourth edition of the Genesis Experience, which is also recorded for its reality show on the company’s YouTube channel. The amount paid by participants includes accommodation during the event, meals, protection materials and participation in the opening party.

Source: Folha

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