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Nine tips for perfect eyeliner application, every time


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Few makeup products have as immediate and charming an effect as eyeliner. “Lift” your eyes at once, highlight their look and color and add excess sex appeal. Also, it is absolutely flexible since you can wear it morning and night and in whatever color you want.

As much as we love it, its implementation is often a complicated one. You can spend hours trying to create the perfect, straight, similar lines on the upper eyelid. But despite trying to insist they are slightly different. If you do not have much time, then the chances of forming a not-so-straight line increase dramatically.

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But because we believe that eyeliner deserves a place in your daily or most formal makeup and that our time is precious to spend trying to create the perfect line, we have gathered the 9 best tips for perfect eyeliner application, every time.

Prefer eyeliner in pencil or gel form

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Especially if you are new to using eyeliner, a product in liquid form can be very difficult. That’s why he preferred a pencil or a gel eyeliner. These two types of products give you more control and freedom of movement. They also give you more time for any shape corrections that may be needed.

Keep your hand relaxed

We often do not realize that our limbs are not relaxed until someone else tells us. A relaxed hand, however, is key to better and faster eyeliner application. You do not need to tighten your pencil nor hold it too loosely. Just let go of your hand and grip of course. One way to achieve the perfect grip is to hold the pencil between your index finger and thumb. This way, you will have the most controlled freedom of movement!

Get a good mirror

A good mirror that you do not need to hold will make applying eyeliner infinitely easier. Not only will you be more comfortable while painting but you will be able to concentrate fully on designing the perfect line.

Have cotton swabs near you

Of course, mistakes are in the program, since even the most experienced make-up artists make small corrections to perfect the result. That is why cotton swabs are your best ally in the eyeliner application. Prefer silicone swabs and use them with a little primer, erasing your mistakes as needed.

Try the tighlining method

Tightlining is, in essence, the application of eyeliner on the inner line of the eye and glued to the lashes. It flatters all eye shapes, making your lashes look immediately richer and thicker and emphasizing the look. It is ideal for those who have more hooded eyes and find it difficult to draw the perfect line. Provides a more discreet effect than the classic eyeliner look and opens the eye at once. If you have not tried it, then definitely the time to do it!

If you are a fan of liquid eyeliner, choose one with a soft tip

If you prefer the classic liquid eyeliner, then a product with a soft tip is ideal for you. The reason is because the soft tip gives you more flexibility and requires less precision in design.

Do not start from the inner corner of the eye

As you begin to apply the eyeliner, avoid starting from the inner corner of the eye. Start at either the middle or the edge of the eye and draw your line from the outside in. This will allow you to have more control over the shape and thickness of the line.

Use eye shadow to hide possible mistakes

In addition to the cotton swab, a fantastic way to hide eyeliner-shaped small boxes is to use shadow. Choose one in liquid or cream form and mix it with the eyeliner line at the point you want to correct. Choose a shade in brown or bronze shade, spread it with your finger and you will have the perfect line in a few seconds!

Try eyeliner on the bottom line of the eyes

If you have difficulty applying eyeliner on the mobile eyelid, draw it alternatively on the lower lash line. Absolutely fresh and modern, this inverted cat eye look is both easy and flattering. At the same time, it is ideal for those who have more hooded eyes and have difficulty with eyeliner on the mobile eyelid.

If you want a little more inspiration or guidance for a simple and fast eyeliner look, then enjoy the following video from the unique Lisa Eldridge!

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