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Priority is the support in the center for AEK


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The winter transfer window is approaching AEK The decision to add at least one player to the starting line-up seems to have been made. THE Argyris Giannikis considers that the “Union” needs the acquisition of a midfielder, who will play as “6ari” or “8ari” and will have different characteristics from the existing players in these positions.

In particular, he wants a footballer who will combine the intensity of his game with the ability to get the team on the attack, elements that do not distinguish them to such an extent. Simoes, Simansky, Le Talec and Sakhof, in the absence of the injured Galanopoulou.

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According to “Hour of Sports”, the 41-year-old coach has focused on two players, one who plays for a German team (since Giannikis knows the specific market very well), but also one who plays outside Germany. It is not ruled out that Ando Grgic, the 25-year-old Swiss who has been proposed by the agenda of Chuber and Gevtic and will be free from Zion in the summer, will also be employed by the “Union”.

As for the acquisition of a stopper, for which the case of Franz Brorson of Malm είχε was considered, it is now extremely doubtful whether another addition will be made to the center of defense, after the excellent performances of Simos Mitoglou and while there are also the options of Vranies, Tzavella, Svarna and Lachi.

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