Unprecedented situations even for Survivor All Star. For a few days now, Sakis has been talking about a plan that would come into effect after the second immunity match. So does Marialena. The two players half-heartedly hinted that they would take some risk without specifying what.

The first two steps of this plan were initially for Sakis to win a lot to win the title of MVP, but not to get individual immunity. Both were accomplished, with Mario ultimately being the winner of the match.

Shortly before the Council, and to insert an excuse as a cover for the “monsters” that followed, Sakis mentioned in a personal interview that he wants players in Galatsi who play honestly, obviously implying that he himself will declare himself a fair judge and decide on her fate Stavroulas.

That’s what he did, after as he admitted he asked the players to be voted in and to nominate Stavroula himself, in order to minimize the chances of her staying against him and Nikos Bartzis.

After the revelation of the plan, Marialena described Sakis as a role model that it would be good for many children to take cues from his character.

In the end, the goal was achieved and Stavroula left Survivor just 24 hours before Galatsi. Despite what was done against her, she said that she would like to see Sakis win for competitive reasons.