Twelve Sailboats filled with dancers and a sailboat in the middle with a piano to the sounds of zorba!

In the impressive area of ​​the port, the sailboats of the Mytilene LOIATH Open Sea Lesbian Club sailed in circles under the sounds of the incredible pianist and the cool breezes of the Aegean.

The sailors, the dancers and Elena Xydia seduced the island’s inhabitants as well as the tourists in an endless dance chain.

Under the blue sky of the Aegean, Mytilini started the biggest summer festival in Greece with this unique event!

A unique event that combined the enchanting music of the “flying pianist” Elena Xidia with the diverse cultural heritage of the region.

The beautiful Mytilini, the mysterious capital of Lesbos, for 2 months is filled with cultural events and invites you to discover the rich cultural heritage of the island, meet local artists and develop a deep sense of the identity of this unique place.

It should be noted that this incredible event was organized by the vice-mayor of culture of the Municipality of Mytilini after the invitation of the mayor Stratis Kytelis and the vice-mayor Panagiotis Tsakiris the dance group of Kostas Agopian.

The idea and direction was by Paschalis Mantis and the production organization by Stelios Zafeiropoulos.