Just a year after the separation of the famous football player Gerard Pique and the Colombian singer Shakira, new revelations about their 11-year relationship have come to light.

In the early days of their split, rumors swirled online that Pique had cheated on the singer, with many reports claiming that she discovered his infidelity from the half-full jar of jam in their home.

But what if Pique didn’t actually cheat on her with his now partner Clara Chia?

A Spanish radio producer claims that the couple had an open relationship for the last three years of their relationship saying:There’s a ‘you do what you want and I do what I want’ arrangement, but to the media we’re still a couple».

It should be noted that the claims are believed to come from the footballer’s close circle of friends and family, with many said to have been stunned by the turn things have taken in their relationship after seeing Shakira go on an unprecedented ‘musical attack’ speaking for infidelity on the part of the former football player.