Sakis Katsoulis became the first player ever to “lock” his place in the big semi-final of Survivor All Star in Galatsi next Monday (10/7). The winner of Survivor 2021 “survived” a marathon process and proved why he is one of the strongest players who have gone through the survival reality show.

First, the four remaining players battled it out in the pregame match, a match that would give them bonus lives ahead of the all-important ranking match. The strategy played its part, since Nikos Bartzis and Marios Priamos Ioannidis, seeing the difficulty of the combat arena, decided to save their strength for later.

Sakis Katsoulis won the pregame match, gaining three extra lives. Two were secured by Marialena Roumeliotis, one by Nikos Bartzis, while Marios Priamos Ioannidis was limited to the predetermined number of lives in the ranking match.

A fight that developed into a monologue by Sakis, who almost won him unbeaten. In fact, he showed no mercy even towards Marialena, which caused her strong reaction. Of course, in the end he decided to share the prize of the race with her, two hot dogs with fries.