Kythera, the island of the Heavenly Venus, is an earthly paradise where the Aegean and Ionian seas embrace, and it is characterized by imposing castles, beaches with golden sands and red pebbles and a nature untouched by time that impresses by creating unprecedented emotions.

Kythera has remained almost untouched by time in recent decades and thus promises the visitor a journey through space and time full of unprecedented experiences.

Here you will find Venetian castles, simple rural houses and two-story mansions, small chapels and majestic monasteries with ornate bell towers, narrow alleys and imposing bridges, water mills in ravines and windmills on heights.

The capital of Kythera is characterized by its old mansions and picturesque alleys. The view from the “Belvedere” point is impressive, while the Venetian Castle dominates here during the day, but also at night with its imposing lighting.

Alley in Chora

Kapsali, Livadi, Kalamos, Myrtidia are places that hide castles, temples, monasteries and unique beaches.

Mylopotamos is a village where you will encounter waterfalls, green meadows, watermills, caves and traditional settlements that will transport you to other times.

Avlaimonas area in the east with its picturesque port, Diakofti with its golden sandy beach are places you must visit.


The fairy-tale Aulaimonas

Endless beaches, hidden and open

On the island you will find specific organized beaches, where they coexist harmoniously with authentic heavenly beaches. Every part of the island has access to a nearby beach and wherever you find yourself, you will enjoy the clean and cool sea of ​​Kythira.

The “parade” of beaches starts from the northern part of the island, starts with Ai-Nikolas and continues with the beaches of Platia Ammos and Fourni. Lorenzos and Lagada, Diakofti with its white sand, Limionas and Lykodimos with their unique sunsets will fascinate you.


The exotic Kaladi

To the east of the island, we find Paleopolis and Piazza, while moving south we find the exotic Kaladi, Komponada and Firi Ammos, a beach that has been awarded by the European Union. Chalkos is one of the most picturesque beaches of the island, while to the south you will find Kapsali, Sparangario and Melidoni, with its beautiful view of the rocky island “Khytra”, which to the west hides a wonderful beach inside a huge cave.

The hidden magic of the island, of course, is concentrated in the beaches that are inaccessible to the passing visitor, the ones that one must devote time and effort to enjoy.

The magical castles of the island

Kythira is also famous for its Venetian castles such as Mylopotamos, the castle of Chora (dated from 1503), the Venetian fortress of Aulemon (Castello) and many more unique buildings.

Kythira honey and Faturada

Of course you can’t miss the traditional products and the excellent cuisine of the island! Kythira produces the internationally awarded thyme honey, while the local traditional cooking stands out for the production of sweets, the local tsipouro of “Faturada”, but also for the impressive varieties of wines.

Finally, those wishing to take alternative holidays, Kythira offers impressive gorges for hiking, trails for walking tourism and cycling. Also, the sea of ​​Kythira is suitable for diving and water sports.