The semi-final of Survivor All Star in Galatsi has been magnificently completed once again. The All Star players gathered for the selection of the two finalists of the grand final. Of course, not everyone was there, as G. Lianos said, some were expelled…

Nikos and Marios left Agios Dominicos with a vote weighing on them. This vote was completed and its results announced to Galatsi. Nikos Bartzis became the third player to complete the semi-final trio along with Saki and Marialena, leaving the Cypriot in fourth place.

Then a second big vote started. There the public was asked to choose the two players who will be in tomorrow’s final. The first to secure qualification to the final was Sakis.

Marialena and Nikos were left waiting to find out which of them will go with Sakis to the final. George Lianos, without prolonging their anxiety too much, announced that the player who will be in tomorrow’s final is Nikos Bartzis.

A few hours left to find out who will be the winner of Survivor All Star.