Today is his big final “Survivor All Star”, on SKAI, with Nikos Bartzis and Sakis Katsoulis to claim the grand prize. The All Star players yesterday, Monday July 10, 2023, gathered for the selection of the two finalists of the grand final. Of course, not everyone was there, as G. Lianos said, some were expelled…

On the show Giorgos Lianos spoke “Dekatians”. for yesterday’s semi-final, which “fixed” the television audience. The presenter said that he did not expect any result from yesterday’s vote. “I had no predictions because all four players are quite strong and worthy. The departure of the two children, Mario and Marialena, causes me a little distress. I consider Marialena to be one of the strongest players to have gone through “Survivor” overall. After all, he proved it for the second time, taking 3rd place in this year’s game. Marios is a man who earned the respect of all the players. He was only nominated once and at the end of the game.”

In yesterday’s semi-final, as expected, the atmosphere was emotionally charged, which was pointed out by the presenters of the show, Yiannis Pittaras and George Grigoriadis. “There was emotion from the players, who saw their own people after six months or so. It’s a human moment and I kind of liked it, that no one was paying attention to the existence of the cameras.”

Marios and Marialena, who were the players who reached the semi-finals of the game, also spoke on the show. The players, addressing Giorgos Lianos, thanked him for his attitude and his presence all this time. “I consider you the biggest “weapon” in television events,” said Marios to Giorgos Lianos.

To George Grigoriadis’s question about what “Survivor” is, George Lianos said: “The game has many ‘tricks’. It is a combination of competitiveness, but also adaptation. I won’t call it public relations or a strategy game, because I think it’s a matter of adaptation.”

Yannis Pittaras, addressing Marialena, humorously asked her if Marios Priamos was the “Casanova” of the game. “No, Marios wasn’t the All Star Casanova,” Marialena said. “He got into some misadventures early in the game, but he overcame them. I think Marios managed the situations perfectly.”

For Sakis Katsoulis, Marialena mentioned that he is the best player and not only that. “He has exemplary character as a person, athlete and partner.” Finally, the biggest wish of both players was to see their own people, while Marios emphasized that one of the biggest difficulties they had to face in this year’s game was the temperatures. Giorgos Lianos said about today’s final that “it will be “rich” and that we will also have a musical night”.