The BBC’s new four-episode documentary series takes us closer than ever to the most spectacular natural phenomena to discover the forces that ‘work together’ to bring incredible spectacle before our eyes. With the help of technology, for the first time we can see like never before the most spectacular “shows” of nature.

What we will see in the four episodes of the series:

Saturday July 15, Episode 1 – Lightning

In Arizona, lightning comes from so high in the sky and passes through such a clear atmosphere that it can create the most electrifying light show on Earth. In South Africa, the clouds create their own unique spectacle, while in the Alps the most impressive display is above the frozen waterfalls.

Sunday July 16, Episode 2 – Megawave

The largest waves on Earth have been recorded in Nazare, Portugal. To understand what creates these behemoths, we’ll dive below the surface to ‘walk’ the seabed, then travel to South Africa to see another spectacular natural phenomenon.


Saturday July 22, Episode 3 – Volcano

We live on a volcanic planet. From the endless rivers of lava in Hawaii to the spectacular eruptions of Mount Etna in Italy, volcanoes have been around for millions of years and are constantly changing the face of the earth. In this episode, intrepid scientists equipped with the latest technology will attempt to record the most powerful volcanic eruptions, getting closer than ever to the center of the ‘action’.

Sunday July 23, Episode 4 – Aurora

The Northern Lights are one of the beautiful and impressive natural phenomena of our planet. Giant waves of multi-colored light stretch across the sky for hundreds of kilometers and have enchanted mankind for tens of thousands of years. In this episode, a team of experts will attempt to capture this spectacular light show in greater detail than ever before. In fact, he will use the help of astronauts from the International Space Station to film the Northern Lights from space.



An exciting documentary series in Prime Television

From Saturday 15 July
Saturday and Sunday at 12.40, on SKAI

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