Xuxa recalls relationship with her mother and last years with Alda Meneghel: ‘Losing little by little’


A day after the premiere of “Xuxa, o Documentário”, the presenter was again interviewed by Ana Maria Braga on Mais Você. The two recalled the mother-daughter relationship with Alda Meneghel, who died in 2018 from Parkinson’s disease.

“The loss of my mother was the hardest moment. We found out that she had Parkinson’s when Sasha was two and a half years old”. The presenter said that, in the last 10 years, she has set up a space for treatment care.

“I brought her close to me. I set her up as if she were a CTI. She stayed with me for about 10 years, a process of losing little by little.”

Ana showed a video that the presenter posted in honor of Alda on Mother’s Day. Thrilled, Xuxa recalled the last few days with the matriarch and stated that she must be proud of her career.

“I think she must be very proud of me, with everything that’s happening to me. This documentary. [Privilégio] Feeling alive, being alive and thanking people.”

“She always called my daughter little chick. When Sasha was born with dark hair, she said ‘little chick, little chick’.”

Speaking of family relationships, Xuxa says she mentioned her daughter Sasha and says she always sends pictures of children to the fashion student, as she wants to be a grandmother — and not too late.

“I don’t want to be a grandmother at 65, I was a mother at 35. I send baby pictures all the time, but I say ‘no pressure at all’. I say to Sasha: ‘if you have kids in two years, I’ll be with 62. I’ll want to play.”

With the exhibition of some exclusive excerpts from the documentary, Xuxa says that she is still surprised by the affection of the fans and would like to understand why she continues to be important in people’s lives.

“Fans who have are other artists, singers, actresses, actors. Not me, I need to come up with another name.”

Source: Folha

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