An incredible traffic accident occurred shortly before 3:00 pm on Friday at the junction of Rozaki Angeli and Amalia streets, in Lamia.

According to the report of LamiaReport, the young driver of an Opel Astra, with Bulgarian plates, violated Rozakis Aggeli’s STOP and rammed the Alfa Romeo, which was going down Amalias street.

As a result of the severe collision, the Alfa Romeo spun and stopped hitting the pavement, while the Opel Astra, after hitting another parked Opel, then “pinned” inside the window of the Politikos department store.

Inside the Alfa Romeo was the 47-year-old driver and her 12-year-old son, who were injured and taken to the Lamia hospital by EKAV ambulance.

It is fortunate that at the time there was no pedestrian on the sidewalk or a motorcycle or bicycle crossing the intersection, because we would certainly have mourned victims.

“We heard a loud bang and when we went out we couldn’t believe what we were seeing…”, the manager of the department store told LamiaReport, while the Opel driver is also shocked, who came and found her car crashed.