Paola Carosella talks about influencers’ content resonates and the web sees a hint for Virginia Fonseca


The name of Paola Carosella has been reverberating since the beginning of this Saturday (15) after a talk about female bloggers. The cook was interviewed on the most recent episode of the Podpah podcast and, at one point, questioned the content of influencers who have many followers.

“I think ‘why do 40 million people follow this woman who only posts pictures of her ass?’ And my daughter, aged 11, told me: ‘because they want to be like her'”, he said.

Even without naming the person to whom he was referring, the web associated the speech with influencer Virginia Fonseca, who has just over 43 million followers on Instagram.

With the repercussions, the businesswoman and wife of the singer Zé Felipe said that she followed the work of the professional. “Worse is that I liked Paola, even though she was a chef and I didn’t understand absolutely anything about her. But anyway, it’s part of it. Each one expresses what they have inside themselves. I would never waste my time indignant with the fame of another person .”

In the early afternoon, the cook returned to social networks and stated that she always tried to ignore the narratives that happen about her speech, but that this time she decided to speak out to make it clear that she always defends women.

“It’s the sign of our times. I stand for free women to be and do what they want to do.
I have always defended and will always defend that we can be, build and do what we want with our bodies the way they are and with our image the way we want to show it.
With freedom. If my speech taken out of context is understood as a criticism, then understand now: It is not. May each of us be and do whatever we want with freedom.”

Source: Folha

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