THE Nicole Kidman (Nicole Kidman), speaking to Australia’s Stellar magazine, defended her appearance on its cover Vanity Fair in 2022.

It is noted that the actress was photographed for the 28th anniversary issue dedicated to Hollywood and her choice of clothes divided netizens, choosing a mini black skirt and a top.

I make the most random, crazy choices. I call them ‘teenage choices’ because I just never think about the consequences,” the award-winning actress said of her style.

“Part of my brain doesn’t think that way. I just say, “Oh, I’ll wear that, it reminds me of my school uniform,” or “Oh my God, yes I’d love to do that.” I try to stay at that point, because I think otherwise you get scared or worried,” she added.

Nicole Kidman’s daring outfit by Miuccia Prada from the Spring/Summer 2022 collection first appeared on the Milan runway last October with Hailey Bieber, Emma Corrin and Zendaya have worn it.

The British stylist Katie Grand (Katie Grand) edited Kidman’s look with the result being commented on in various ways by the readers of the magazine.

“Don’t tell me, I don’t really want to know, it will stop me from doing what I want,” the actress said, refusing to hear any bad comments or criticism. “I want for myself to continue to say, ‘This was my choice… and I take responsibility,'” the actress noted.