An antagonist of influencers, Blogueirinha consolidates himself in virtual humor with his own program


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“Hi, girls, tutupom? The interviewee Today, he has been stirring up social networks with his new program, in which he comes face to face with the greatest personalities in the country. She asks everything the audience wants to know, without fear of being a nuisance. We are here with Xanaína Horta, Blogueirinha.”

If she were interviewed on the program itself, De Frente com Blogueirinha, perhaps this would be the introduction that the character who has been standing out on the internet would receive, where she has been going viral week after week for about 2 months. Every Monday at 8 pm, she guides conversations on social networks with her ironic tirades and her mocking humor as she conducts chats – half joking, half serious – with personalities.

In just two months, Blogueirinha got Gkay to tell why he reversed the aesthetic procedures, that João Guilherme did not mention his own father, Leonardo, as his favorite singer and that Mari Maria spoke ill of the controversial base of Virginia Fonseca, her competitor in the production of cosmetics. The videos already have more than 7.2 million views on YouTube alone, while small excerpts from the interviews reach 250 million views on TikTok.

Created by actor Bruno Matos in 2016, Xanaína was born as a satire of the bloggers who dominated the internet and today reign social networks as digital influencers. In her own particular way, she comically reproduces a compilation of the characteristics of her colleagues who love to surf on trends and get into virtual fights.

So with the nickname Blogueirinha de Merda, Bruno started recording videos for YouTube, wearing a long hair wig and impeccable makeup, just like the fashion and makeup bloggers who were at their peak at the time —Niina Secrets, Karen Bachini, Camila Coelho and others who came before today’s influencers.

In one of the most successful videos, “TAG: Minhas Importadas”, from 2018, Blogueirinha shows a series of supermarket and store bags, as if they were the designer pieces displayed by the bloggers. Already in the 2022 version of “Tour of my luxury bags”, she shows “Chanel” bags, which, in fact, are replicas without any logo.

Repeated phrases in the videos, such as “unfortunately you can’t find them in Brazil”, with reference to products supposedly purchased abroad, “are you focusing?” and “hi, girls, tutupom?” became his catchphrases. It’s easy to see them repeated on the internet, even if those who use them don’t know who authored them.

Blogueirinha began to burst the bubble in 2018, when it ended up on the paid channel Multishow. In 2018, she debuted on Difficult de Focar, a program in which she showed the backstage of Música Boa o Vivo, presented by singer Iza. She also participated as a judge in the first season of Corrida das Blogueiras, a reality show created by the channel Diva Depressão and produced by Dia Estúdio (the same one that is currently responsible for her program).

But nothing compares to the repercussions that the character is having now. De Frente com Blogueirinha seems to consolidate the particular humor of generations Y and Z in its satire of the extinct De Frente com Gabi, commanded by Marília Gabriela between 1998 and 2015 on SBT.

The interviews are full of almost acidic comments, embarrassing questions and moments of tension between Blogueirinha and his interviewees. Even so, the program has become an important showcase for the work of some artists, who gladly accept the invitation.

“We use a little of our personal relationship with these people”, says Bruno, who behind the cameras adopts a lower tone of voice and a more serious countenance. “These are people I like and who like me.”

For him, it is easy to differentiate the moments when he is playing the character from those when he is acting as Bruno. The same does not happen with the program’s team, which, like the public, comes to doubt that the altercations with the guest are real. “Sometimes people even think there’s been a serious argument”, he laughs.

He says he hasn’t lost any of his friends to the joke yet. “I know the issues I can’t deal with, because the person won’t like it,” he says. “What comes after is profit.”

For Rafa Dias, program director, Blogueirinha is “the Tata Werneck of the new generation”. Creator of Dia TV, the YouTube channel where De Frente is broadcast, he celebrates the results achieved. “It is the first program on the internet, made for the internet, but with TV quality and with repercussions on the networks at the level of a television program”.

None of this, however, lessens the butterflies in the stomach of being face to face with Blogueirinha. The team says that many guests get nervous and, while Bruno puts on makeup to get into character, he even advises the reporter to relax to better enjoy what comes next. “Get ready!” warns the creator, before it becomes impossible to distinguish him from his creation.

Check out the interview below F5 with Blogueirinha.

Why aren’t you anymore”Shit blogger”?

Because I wanted to make money. Anitta also removed the “MC”. That’s how I became famous, but there are times when we need to evolve. Today I don’t see myself presenting “De Frente com Blogueirinha de Merda”.

Do you like all the highlights of your interviews floating around the internet?

No. Not all cuts are favorable to me. I’ve already been attacked, right? But I know it’s necessary. To be the first, you have to go through this kind of thing.

Do you consider yourself the first to do a program like this?

The last one he played was Marília Gabriela, but she left the scene. It’s better, because when someone younger, prettier, more talented arrives, with a millionaire investment, it really is better to leave the scene.

How do you choose your interviewees?

These are usually people I want to know something about. The team makes the invitations, so we don’t have any contact beforehand. Some like me. Others, no. It’s part of the job.

Is it worth fighting with everyone? Bring a glass of water to your face?

I don’t fight with everyone, the problem is when a blogger comes along. I don’t like fights. And my psychology? And my mental health? People don’t think about me. I have a very pop life, they expect a lot from me.

Does Blogueirinha apologize?

If I’m wrong, I apologize. I write an open letter if I feel too constrained. As long as the open letter is in fashion, I will do so.

Are you afraid of being hated?

I have, but I know I am. However, it is a hate that everyone likes. Sometimes it has to be, otherwise nobody talks about you. This is in the blogger’s minutes. People who are bloggers make a lot of mistakes, even though we are examples for you, girls and boys.

How does the relationship between bloggers work?

From time to time, one blogger fights with another. Every blogger is like that. It starts off being friends, but something goes wrong later. It’s the story of the world of bloggers.

What was the best interview?

Uriah’s did very well. She put herself in her place. I liked João Guilherme a lot, too, although there was a moment when he left me embarrassed. He had a tension, a chemistry, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

What was the worst interview?

I don’t like to say it was the worst, but Mari Maria’s left me quite uncomfortable, honestly. It was the first interview I left bleeding. The whole of Brazil defended me, saying that she took a heavy toll on me. I had my spine blocked and she took advantage of that to attack me. I passed out when the show ended. And she stepped on me. All this because of a base.

Source: Folha

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